Friday, January 28, 2005

Bowden Boils Over

I told ya he couldn't stand not being in the papers! It was eerily quiet for too long! Bowden sat down with Floriday Today and gave them enough grist for two articles. One on him, naturally. And one on Sosa.

Starting with Sosa, Bowden doesn't seem too optimistic.
"The ingredients, at least on the surface, don't appear to be there for a deal," Bowden said. "But in life, you never know."

The biggest obstacle to a deal between the teams is money.

Since the Nationals are right around the $50 million payroll Major League Baseball has set for the upcoming season, the Cubs would have to pay nearly $40 million just to get rid of the player who is a member of the 500-home run club.

Also, Bowden said he won't give up a top prospect or highly regarded young player to get Sosa, especially since he traded for right fielder Jose Guillen in November.

But then you can see his eyes light up when he fantasizes about Sosa in a W hat.
"Certainly we'd have interest in Sammy Sosa because even for just one year if you put him in the middle of the lineup with Guillen and (Brad) Wilkerson and (Vinny) Castilla you're going to score runs," Bowden said. "And you're going to get Guillen and Wilkerson better pitches to hit."

As long as he keeps his fantasies to himself, we'll be ok.

As for the profile, it's similar to the one the Washington Post did a few months ago. It's a good read about his background, how he got his start in baseball arguing about Mike Easler, and his love of broadcasting.

It's sometimes good to see that the people we constantly rail on are human beings too. And that they have hopes and dreams and wishes, just as we do. We just don't have the ability to hand out four-year contracts to medicore shortstops.


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