Thursday, January 27, 2005

Static Radio

There's no movement on the radio broadcast front. In fact, things appear to be worse.

The two sides drew up a memorandum of understanding two weeks ago in which WTEM (AM-980) would have served as the team's flagship station and Clear Channel would have provided the club extensive promotion over its seven other area stations.

But according to industry sources, the document was never signed; upon review, Clear Channel lawyers found several key elements missing in the proposed revenue-sharing accord.

Executives for the Nationals and Clear Channel, who declined to comment last night, are slated to meet this morning in an attempt to resurrect the deal. But the Nationals also have resumed negotiations with Infinity Broadcasting, with whom the team conducted preliminary talks about a radio deal late last year.

The article also mentions that they're going to resume talks with Infinity Broadcasting.

Has Mark Sterne figured out who Brad Wilkerson is yet?


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