Monday, January 10, 2005

Rewriting History

The Times has an article on what the plans are for dealing with team records and history.

Apparently, it'll be a mixture of the Expos history with Washington's past. They'll keep two separate lists. One for Expos/Nats feats. The other for Washington's franchise, in effect, stealing from the Rangers and the Twins.
The article notes that the Baltimore Ravens do a similar thing, borrowing some stuff from the Colts franchise.

I'm just glad that they're not going to completely abandon the link to the Expos. Despite the mess of the last few years, that's a franchise that had a lot of solid players and a number of strong teams. Players like Tim Wallach, Tim Raines, Rusty Staub and even what Gary Carter did early in his career, should not be forgotten.

Hopefully we will, as in most things, contrast this with how the Orioles do things. You wouldn't know that they were once the St. Louis Browns--hell, you wouldn't know they were from Baltimore by their jersey either!

We should embrace the team's past, and not just the city's.


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