Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Prospect Bonanza

I take a few days off and everyone takes my material! That's not fair. :)

Nationals pasttime links to a Baseball America chat session on the 'prospects' in the Nats' system.

He also does a quick and dirty analysis of their top-10 list. He's got the goods on what BA's reports say.

Mike Hinckley, LHP is our top prospect and stands a good chance of coming up sometime this year. There's a logjam for the last spot in the rotation and Hinckley is probably a longshot to make it. More time at AAA wouldn't hurt. If they needed an extra arm, he'd fill the swingman role nicely.

Larry Broadway is Nick Johnson insurance. With the continued trade talks surrounding NJ and his arbitration pricetag sure to rise, Broadway becomes more important. He showed decent power potential, but had an injury that slowed him down this year. A September callup is likely.

Ryan Church, OF, is another in the long list of potential OFers. Given the number of them already on our major league roster, I can't really see him breaking through, barring a mammoth spring. With unexepected injuries and poor performance sure to happen to someone on our team, I'm sure he'll get a few chances this year.

Brendan Harris, 3B, is the only other meaningful prospect who can expect to see playing time this year. He's got a pretty decent track record in the minors. If the right players get injured, he'll have a shot to prove himself and realize some of his potential.


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