Wednesday, January 05, 2005

It's Awards Season

With the new year beginning, Distinguished Senators passed out his year-end awards.

Here are my picks:

The Capitol Steps Award for Lamest "Funny" D.C. Team Name:
I was at a meeting with Majority Whip Roy Blunt right after the team was awarded, and he led off with a series of suggested names. Everyone at the table laughed that "I better laugh because this guy has a lot of power" kinda chuckle. (It's not that dissimilar from the hearty laughs most priests get at their lame jokes. At any rate, Washington Exposes was on his list, so I'll give it to him, instead of Pinto.

The Ron Santo Award for Unthinking Homerism.
I agree with Ryan. When I read the category, I instantly thought of the winning quote by Tom Boswell, If this is what Bowden does on a shoestring, who will this crazy guy grab if he ever actually knows what his budget is?"

It reads like a TV promo: Catch the zany hijinks and madcap antics tonight, on Matlock!

The rest of Ryan's picks are great as well. Check it out. And if ya hurry up, there's bonus Will Carrol bashing. Man, that guy takes a lot of abuse.


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