Thursday, January 06, 2005

Mornin' News

It's a busy day at work, no thanks to the House leadership. Damn them for screwing up my year! So just a quick round-up. Thankfully, there's nothing exciting.

They named some more coaches and assigned some front office people.

One of those appointed is Don Buford. Thankfully, his is an on-the-field job--first base coach. Buford was a disaster as the Orioles director of minor league operations.

The only other Nats-related story I could find, not that I searched too hard, is just an update on the local contracts being used to renovate RFK. It seems that the company awarded the overall contract subcontracted parts to a local affiliate that it owns to circumvent the requirement for a local company involvement. Typical.

(Is that any different than Wayne Huizenga or Anheuser Busch setting up separate companies to suck the stadium profits dry, while their respective teams cry poverty?)


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