Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Tony’s Take

Well, it was bound to happen. Tony Kornheiser finally discovered that Washington has a baseball team. And of course, he rails it for being boring. And he’s advocating Distinguished Senator’s doomsday scenario:

So c'mon, Jimmy, loosen up. You're going to have to do better than signing Wil
Cordero and Jeffrey Hammonds, who was the Orioles' No. 1 draft pick in, I think,
1962. These are not sexy signings, Jimbo. They are what you expect from the
dull, cheap Montreal Expos. The last thing we want to see here are the dull,
cheap Montreal Expos. Like Sting says, "It's a brand new day."
Go after
Sammy Sosa like you mean it, dude. Whaddya saying, you won't part with Terrmel
Sledge? No, Jim, we don't part with Percy Sledge. Terrmel, we throw under the

Tony’s right in his criticism of Bowden for the signings and he’s right in the extent that Bowden would’ve been better off making a play at a big player with a big salary, rather than half the players for half the cost. But, Sosa wouldn’t be the answer and seems like nothing more than an attempt by Bowden to make a little news--to stir the pot.

We appreciate you finally noticing, Tony. But next time, look through some of the trashings you’ve given Peter Angelos and the Orioles and see that the biggest names do not necessarily mean the best players.


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