Monday, December 13, 2004

Rule Five Update

I may have said it was tomorrow and, well, I'm an idiot.. I'm a little slow with the posts, I guess.

We picked up Tyrell Godwin from the Blue Jays--a speedy outfielder who had a disappointing year in AA.

And Tony Blanco, a slug-first firstbaseman/"outfielder"

I'll have more later when I can actually look up stuff without the cyber nanny breathing down my neck.

UPDATE--Alright, I'm not doing the research tonight. Instead I'll give ya John Sickles:
Godwin is a speed-and-defense outfielder who was once one of the top prospects in college baseball at North Carolina but hasn't developed any offensive consistency as a pro. He hit .253 with a .326 OBP and .355 SLG for Double-A New Hampshire this year, with 42 stolen bases. Godwin can run and has a good glove, but he doesn't have much power and his on-base abilities are mediocre. At best, he will be similar to another TG, Tom Goodwin.

At one time a top prospect in the Boston farm system, Blanco has good power but has been dogged by frequent injuries. Poor plate discipline also hampers his development. He hit .306 with 17 homers this year in 216 at-bats for Class A Potomac but slumped to .245 (though with 12 homers) in 220 Double-A at-bats. At age 23, he still has time to develop, but better strike-zone judgment is a must.

Remember, these players have to stick on the roster for the full year. If you try to send them down, they original team can reclaim him. I can't see Blanco sticking with the team at all. Godwin has an outside chance, but the Hammonds signing today probably puts a damper on his chances. After all, it's hard to compete with a proven major league veteran. Think of the intangibles!


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