Monday, December 13, 2004

Notes On Other People's Notes

The Times ran a decent Nats notebook with some tender morsels.

--They’re out of the running for Odalis Perez *Crap* and Barry Larkin *eh*.
--Wil Cordero looks like he’ll be manning the bench. If he takes any time away from Nick Johnson, other than against tough lefties, I’ll umm… I guess saying “beat him” wouldn’t be appropriate, especially in light of my criticism of him.
--Derek Lowe is a target in theory only and they’re not high on Esteban Loaiza. Hello, Devil Rays!
--They released Chad Bentz, the pitcher with the deformed right hand. He made a better human interest story than a pitcher. Lefties absolutely torched him last year.

Sorry about the crappy posting schedule lately. Damn internet filters are making things much more difficult. And I’m not one of those crazy people who’s gonna get up at 4 AM to post. Whadya want anyways? It’s free!


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