Monday, December 13, 2004

Get Your Signings!

Spouse Abuser/Drunk Driver Wil Cordero is a Nat to provide some of that good ol' fashioned veteran leadership. Perhaps the Wizards will be more receptive to the kinda of junk he's peddling. In the meantime, if he can come off the bench and mash a lefty or two, I guess $600K isn't too bad.

Jeffrey Hammonds signs a minor league deal with the team. He'd presumably be a platoon option with Sledge? Hammonds isn't worthy of the scorn he gets. It's not his fault that Milwaukee decided to pay him 18 times what he's worth. He's still a useful player off the bench, filling in at either corner, or in center in a pinch. He just hasn't been able to stay healthy. But when he has, he's been pretty useful--in the right role.

To free up the roster spot for the spouse abuser, they released Ron Callaway. No big loss there.


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