Saturday, December 11, 2004

We Coulda Been A Contender

The Times and the Post are reporting that the Nats are big underdogs in the Odalis Perez sweepstakes. Although they're claiming their contract offer isn't big enough, they don't mention other potential suitors either. (With the Sox about to sign David Wells and the Yankees hot after Eric Milton, two big markets would probably be closed to Perez)

Both articles contain a lot of Nats-related Gammonsesque notes. I guess the beat writers are trying to justify their travel expenses.

--They may decline arbitration to Ohka or Armas. (Last year's salaries $2.3 and $2.1 MM) Given their scary injury histories, this might not be a horrible move--IF the money is put to good use. HA!

--If Perez falls through, there's interest in Colorado's Shawn Chacon or EGADS, Esteban Loaiza. Loaiza's done. He was like the Washington Senators in Damn Yankees. As far as Chacon, wait til Colorado releases him. I don't think they'll offer him arbitration. The Times mentions Paul Byrd (Blah) and Matt Clement--Finally, Someone's listening! Clement's clearly the best option left of those named: a youngish power pitcher. They have no interest in Denny Neagle. The streetwalkers of Mass Ave rejoice.

--The Nick Johnson/Alex Rios deal won't happen. JP Ricciardi hasn't been drinking the same KoolAid as Bowden.

--Bob Boone has hired as special assistant to the GM. I guess that's ok, as long as they don't let him anywhere near the field. He's a horrendous manager.

--The Courtship of Barry's Father continues. Larkin's still looking for a starter's job. And I'm looking for someone to give me a few thousand dollars. I think we have about an equal shot.

--Jose Rijo will likely be our bullpen coach. Gee, that's exciting.


  • Decline arbitration on Armas is sad, but maybe not a bad idea. The guy does have an horrendous injury history. And he's not a pitcher, just a hurler. And his fastball barely scratches 93mph...

    As for Okha's "scary injury history", man, what are you smokin'? Can I have some? Okha's sole significant injury since he became an Expos is the one he suffered when Carlos Beltran snap his throwing arm in two with a comebacker. I guess Toronto will grab him up too.

    By Blogger Olivier, at 12/12/2004 9:38 PM  

  • Geez! Tough Audience!

    The line was in reference to the two pitchers, not just singling Ohka out.

    And regardless of prognosis or cause, I'm a little wary of a pitcher coming off a broken forearm. The bright side is that the injury has probably held his arbitration salary down.

    By Blogger Chris Needham, at 12/12/2004 9:51 PM  

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