Wednesday, December 15, 2004

"C" Is for Cookie...

Well, it appears that Linda isn't the only C-word in this town. The other ugly C-word is starting to rear it's ugly head too: contraction.

In the last collective bargaining agreement, the Players Association forfeited their right to protest contraction after the 2006 season.

All baseball would need is another team to contract. (The Marlins would be the obvious choice, given their inability to build a new stadium and with Wayne "I spawned Satan" Huizenga about to kick the team out of their current park.)

The theory is that the money they would save from shared revenues (National TV Contracts, Merchandise, etc) that would ordinarily go to those two teams would be enough of an increase in revenues to offset the money they would've made had they sold the team.

I don't want to debate the merits of contraction right now (Short answer: there aren't any). I'm tired and still pathetically wearing my red Nats hat as a sign of defiance.

Instead, I'll point you to the best words on the subject--from Doug Pappas. Without a doubt, he was the best writer on these kinds of issues and this is just one of his pieces on why contraction is such a stupid idea for the game over the long-term.

Unfortunately, the owners might just be thinking short-term, and about how fat their wallets could get.


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