Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Odalis Still In Play?

USS Mariner has a good quick and dirty summary of Perez’ qualifications. They seem to think he’ll get a contract in the $6-7 million range. If so, the Nats, need to get in on him.

They might have to backload it a little bit to get it under budget for this year, but he’s pretty clearly the best pitcher left on the market. It’s better than settling for garbage like Loaiza or Byrd.


  • I would love to see Odalis on the Nats, but there is one problem. With the loss of Pedro Martinez, I can almost guarantee that Perez is on the Red Sox radar. There are two things you never want to hear when you are going after a player ... "Red Sox interest" or "Yankees interest." The only thing those things will promise you ... get ready to pay a premium.

    By Blogger Brian, at 12/15/2004 3:37 PM  

  • From what I've read the Yankees aren't interested. They're going after Milton first, if they're looking at a lefty. The Sox would be interesed, I'd imagine. But then again, they just signed Wells. I'm sure they'll make a run at Perez, but I think Clement is more on their radar screen.

    But we don't know. And that's half the fun.

    By Blogger Chris Needham, at 12/15/2004 4:13 PM  

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