Monday, November 29, 2004

Did I miss anything?

Apparently not.

Wilkerson was the Expos' Team MVP. Ho Hum.

Season tickets are up to 15K--I think I mentioned that last week? It's all a blur now.

Bad pitchers are a priority with Bowden:
Though the top-shelf starters won't be in the Nationals' price range regardless of how many tickets are sold, Bowden has begun to feel out what the next tier of starters will be worth. That group includes players such as Eric Milton and Kevin Millwood of Philadelphia and Atlanta's Jaret Wright.

Bowden expects the market to develop slowly, with most signings to take place no earlier than the winter meetings, which begin Dec. 10 in Anaheim, Calif.

"We've got the kind of money to go out and get that type of pitcher," Tavares said. "If we got that, I'd feel pretty competitive."

Somewhere, Ed Wade is smiling. And Omar Minaya. And Larry Beinfest. And John Schuerholz.