Monday, November 22, 2004

My Brush With Greatness

I Just got back from the unveiling ceremony at Union Station. Boy, was it ever excizzzzzting. Union Station is a horrible place to have an event like that. It’s large, cavernous halls cause the sound to just evaporate. Unless you’re seated in front of one of the speakers, it’s just nothing but muffled mumbles.

There were 200-300 people there--a decent sized crowd. It’s hard to say how many were there just for baseball, because that area’s packed with lunch-goers and travelers at that time of day anyway.

Tony Tavares spoke first and mentioned that they’re up to 13,000 season ticket deposists and how important the support from the community is. He did mention that they expect to have another presser relatively soon to unveil the uniforms--not just the logo--and for partial season ticket plans.

Mayor Tony followed him up with general words about how good it is that DC is back and how he grew up being a fan--he probably recycled the same speech from the initial ‘welcome to DC’ press conference.

He pulled the rope, which unveiled the logo from behind the stage to a decent round of applause from the audience while ‘Summon the Heroes’ blared.

DC Council members Jack Evans and Howard Brazil joined him on the stage and posed for the ever-awkward thumbs up, hands raised above our head victory photos.

Then JimBo spoke, sans leather pants. (Yes, he was wearing pants though.) I resisted the urge to surge forward and throttle him. He started to speak about how excited he was to be the team’s first GM and went into his plans for the team.

Then the angry fat man started yelling, drowning Bowden out. “What’s this gonna do for my kid’s schools? This is a travesty!” As the Union Station Rent-A-Cops approached him, he walked away, still bellowing and muttering something about a “bunch of white boys.”

So, I missed Bowden’s grand plans to trade for Griffey and bring Pete Harnisch back.

There was a small stand selling T-shirts and pennants. I wanted to pick a pennant up, but the line was three deep around the three sides of the booth. I figure I’ll go back later and try…or just wait for another day.

Oh, they unfurled the new website today too:

UPDATE: The Post has a story up...including interesting details of a fight that happened before I got there!