Monday, November 22, 2004

Keep Your Hands Off Our Johnson

In what is probably a much ado about nothing story, the Daily News speculates that the Mets are hot after our Johnson: Nick.
But the Guillen trade also gives the Expos four viable outfielders, Guillen joining Brad Wilkerson, Endy Chavez and Terrmel Sledge. Bowden acknowledged Wilkerson might be moved to first base next season, and a source familiar with the team's thinking said the Mets would have interest if the slick-fielding Johnson is made available.

The key there is the last part of the last sentence: IF the slick-fielding Johnson is made available.

Hell, I'm pretty sure the Nats would be interested if Barry Bonds was available too. I can't really--or is it don't want to--envision a scenario where JimBo would trade OBP Jesus.

While I'm picking nits... Johnson is not a particularly slick fielder. He developed that reputation solely because he wasn't Jason Giambi. He's an average fielder with decent hands and range. Keith Hernandez, he ain't.