Monday, November 22, 2004

We're Doomed!

Schill Phil Rogers has a column detailing the reasons why the Nats are going to succeed. (Special Bonus: The first official Winged Insect Headline Pun!)

His Five Reasons?

1. This is no expansion franchise.
2. This is an era of much greater opportunities for all franchises.
3. These are not your father's Orioles.
4. RFK Stadium is just a way station, not a destination.
5. There's nothing George W. Bush likes better than baseball, including the voters in Florida and Ohio.

I won't fisk all of the tripe contained in that column, because buried under all the fluff and faulty logic, I think some of his reasonings are correct. You just have to get around some of the pro-Selig, anti-intellectual reasoning to get to them.