Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Superstar Teddy

Walking to my car, I just noticed a somewhat familiar looking guy -- tall, skinny, blond spikey hair -- with a voice that sorta sounded familiar. He had a small TV crew around him, filming a bit on the sidewalk.

I didn't think too much of it until I put the person with the location. I think (and keep in mind, my powers of observation, especially when visions of heading home are in mind, can be poor) it was Kenny Mayne, from ESPN. If it was, he was filming in front of the Bull Moose Bed and Breakfast. If that's right, then I'd expect a feature on our lovable loser sometimes in the coming weeks on ESPN.

  • On the drive home, I caught Bowden's weekly radio segment on 980. Nothing new or exciting, but he thinks that Dukes is going to be out a while, and that in the interim, they've discussed playing Felipe Lopez in left field. Not ideal, but given the dearth of righty options, that's not a bad idea. Willie Harris should never be starting against a LHP, especially one as good as tonight's pitcher. Justin Maxwell remains an option, but who are you going to send down? Unless/until Cordero goes on the DL, there's no room for him now.


    • Remember the last second baseman we moved to left? That seemed to work out pretty well.


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