Monday, January 08, 2007

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Today's Bill Ladson mailbag:
Ryan Church does need work on hitting the curveball. But don't all players have a weakness? The reason he did not play was Frank Robinson just did not like him. Let the new manager judge him. Church has the tools.
-- David, Lompoc, Calif. [ed: certainly an uninterested observer]

Blaming Robinson is totally wrong. When Church was in the Minor Leagues, it was Robinson who called Church on a regular basis to see how he was doing and check if he was improving his game. Church revealed this story. There is no question in my mind Robinson was in Church's corner.

OK, so Frank was in his corner.

And from his 12/28 mailbag: "I also think it's wrong to say that the Nationals don't respect him. It was general manager Jim Bowden who compared Church with Jim Edmonds as a hitter."

OK, so Jim was in his corner.

Phew. I guess it's all a big misunderstanding then! Everyone loves Church!


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