Thursday, January 05, 2006

Watt's Up Nats Fans

The big news yesterday was the formation of the Washington Post Radio Station, and its imminent signing of broadcast rights for the Nats.

The Nats, apparently, will shift to 1500 AM, the current home of WTOP, and to 107.7, their FM station, giving them greater range, and signals that can be heard throughout Virginia and Maryland. (I can even get WTOP some nights from my old home in the hinterlands of NY.)

Federal Baseball has the complete rundown of all the shifting and twisting, and asks a few key questions. Read him for all the good stuff.

Rocket Bill notes
that Dave Shea has been let go, and that Shea was somewhat surprised. In yesterday's chat, Barry Svrluga indicated that some in the front office just didn't like his voice: "I know there were some in the organization who thought he sounded too much like a New Englander -- which, of course, they knew when they hired him, because that's where he's from. But I really don't have the specifics right now as to why he wasn't retained."


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