Friday, December 09, 2005

The Intimidator

So Soriano doesn't want to play left field? Duh! Anyone who's followed his career, or even done a cursory look into him, knows that he's resisted all efforts to switch positions.

Soriano's an exciting player to watch, but he really has the attitude of an NBA player. And maximizing his value is his first priority.

Wouldn't it have been smart of Bowden to broach these issues before trading for, and investing upwards of $11 million (who knows what he'll file at for arbitration?) in the guy? So many questions!

Soriano's a free agent, and he knows that his stats, which aren't top-10 like Bowden was crowing about yesterday, are extremely valuable at second base, and probably slightly above average at left field. It's simply easier to find a slugging outfielder than a slugging infielder -- supply and demand and all that crap.

You've probably heard Soriano's comments:
"I'm going to play second base. I don't think they want me to play the outfield. I think that if they traded for me, it's to play second base. Obviously I have the control. Of course I'm not going to play the outfield."


Still, come spring, I have a feeling everything will work out. Either Vidro's knee will have finished the process of eating itself, or big ol' Frank and Alf will have a few come to Jesus meetings

Although Soriano might think he has control, what is he going to do? sit out? Fine. Good luck getting that big multi-year deal then. Is he going to loaf? Fine. Good luck getting top dollar then. Want to get out of town quickly? No one's going to trade for a $10 million player who's sitting out.

The only way he's going to get what he covets most is by playing his bony little ass off, and giving the Nationals a great performance wherever the team chooses to dump him.

Rememeber what Frank Robinson said after the little souiree in Anaheim? He's the intimidator. Frank might be a stubborn jerk, but he's the one in control. Mr. Soriano might do well to learn that quickly.


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