Friday, December 09, 2005

Rip 'Em A New One

There's an especially silly Tom Boswell column in today's post. While his underlaying point might have some validity to it, his column is so full of half-truths, faulty logic, and misinformation that I swear it has all the intellectual honesty of media talking points prepared by the DNC or RNC. Boswell isn't looking at the facts and forming an opinion. He's got his opinion, and now he's manipulating the facts to support his opinion.

But don't take my word for it. In an amazing post, Federal Baseball deconstructs many of the falsities of Boz' column line by tortured line. Even if you're tired of the Soriano debate, read it so that you can see the kind of manipulation that Boswell is doing. If his column were a movie, it'd be Patch Adams. (Ebert's review of that crapfest is one of my all-time favorite movie reviews, and strangely analogous to all this.)


Distinguished Senators picks
a much lower hanging fruit. He takes on DCist's analysis of the trade. Another good read, bashing the CW.


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