Friday, February 11, 2005

Round 'Em Up

--The Examiner picks up the broadcasting ball and runs with it. (I've gotta stop using cliched football analogies.) The Nats are working on a one-year deal with Comcast SportsNet and either WB or UPN locally.

--Looking for a low-paying job schlepping beer, programs or lemonade? Here's your chance! Aramark is having a job fair this weekend, to try and fill 900 positions. (I once worked the stands of an AHL hockey game for charity and it's brutal. On top of being deathly afraid of getting nailed with a puck, your calves are killing by the end of the night because of all the stairs you walk. Never again.)

--The Potomac Cannons, the newest minor league affiliate of the Nats, is announcing a name change. No word on what it is yet, but it's coming soon. I hope the byline "Prince William Cannons" doesn't give it away. Cause that'd be lame.

--Tomo Ohka is a man who can do it all: pitch, own AND general manage. Look out, Bowden! He runs an amateur baseball team in Western Japan and has already learned owner-speak; he hopes that it expressed hope "that its activities will help vitalize local sporting communities."

--The Nats continued their relentless march to sign every player on their 40-man, by offering Tyrell Godwin and Gary Majewski contracts.

Majewski pitched 21 innings last year with an above-average ERA. He was saved by the fact that 6 of his 15 runs allowed were unearned.

For Godwin, the best thing you can say is that he's toolsy. I don't think that that's a compliment either.


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