Wednesday, February 09, 2005

DCist Goes So We Don't Have To

Why leave the couch when there are young intrepid reporters everywhere?

DCist went to the National Press Club the other night, where Tony Tavares, the Washington Post's John Feinstein and NPR's Scott Simon talked about the Nats and the upcoming season.

Highlights: They "never really were in negotiations" for Sosa; June or July at the earliest for new owners; they're expecting $90-100MM in revenue (not a bad return on the investment); the Nats will be in the Series hunt by 2008. Why not this year, baby! NaTs AlL tHe WaYYY!

Typing that actually made my head hurt.

UPDATE: The Examiner has a take too. It includes this gem from Tavares:
"The big difference between us and the Yankees or the Red Sox is depth - the bench players, the bullpen," Tavares said. "If we can stay healthy we can compete."

Funny, I thought the difference had more to do with the fact that our best 2 or 3 players would be hard-pressed to make either team's starting line-up.


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