Friday, February 11, 2005

Barry, Barry, Bo Arry. Bonana, Fanna, Fo Farry

Got any deeply-held grievences? Any burning questions about the 5th starter spot? Want to know what the hell Bowden was drinking before he signed Guzman for four years?

Here's your chance. Washington Post Nats Beat Writer Barry "Spell-Check Hates Me*" Svrluga is chatting today at 11. Feel free to start peppering him with questions now. They'll be ready and waiting for him when he logs in today.

* Microsoft thinks his name should be: Surge, Spurge, Vulgar, Volga or Sulfa.

UPDATE: Ryan from Distinguished Senators wins an award for the second consecutive day. This time, for correctly guessing, which question Barry answered that was mine.


  • Yeah, Basil. You caught me. You oughta see my legs when I'm wearing heels.

    Yeah, it was one of the Chavez must die questions:

    Alexandria, Va.: How is Wilkerson's defense in centerfield? Could he handle it without having the team lead the league in doubles allowed?

    Offensively, the team is going to need to squeeze every advantage it needs, and having Sledge, Wilkerson and Nick Johnson in the lineup at the same time, at the expense of Chavez, would be a great start.

    Barry Svrluga: Yet another reason why they would love for Chavez to seize the job unquestionably. Wilkerson isn't a butcher, but he can't cover the same amount of territory Chavez can. You're right about Sledge, though. Frank Robinson likes his potential as a hitter. But I think Bowden thinks of Sledge as the team's most valuable, tradable commodity. Don't be surprised if Trader Jim surveys the team in spring training and pulls off a trade sometime in March.
    Frankly, I think all the commas gave it away. :)

    Also, I was thrilled that he told us how he pronounces his name!

    By Blogger Chris Needham, at 2/11/2005 1:37 PM  

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