Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Sometimes Articles Give Me Heartburn

The Times looks at the lineup for next year.

It assumes that Chavez is the starting centerfielder next year. I’m not entirely convinced that Wilkerson won’t be there. At least they realize that Chavez is the weak link and isn’t suited for the leadoff role. Hopefully Frank will come to the same conclusion.

In discussing Nick Johnson, it mentions that the Nats could consider non-tendering him. I hope that’s just the writer talking out of his wazoo. I can’t think of one reason why you’d do that. He’s far too valuable an asset because of his huge upside.

It also asserts that Guzman will be batting eighth. I’m not convinced of that either. I can see the team glorifying his speed and bat control and doing something stupid like batting him second.

It is interesting to see this type of article in the paper though. It doesn’t really seem like it’s informed by anything and is nothing more than the kind of speculative tripe that us Nats-bloggers have been writing for weeks.


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