Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More Fanny Numbers

OMG crunches some more attendance numbers, looking at weeknight games later in homestands, as some of you demanded in comments to my last post. He has a few other ways of looking at it, and it's worth checking out.

Go bitch at him for being negative, too. Why does he have to report silly facts? Can't he just have happy opinions? :(

  • To clarify, I don't think that DC is a terrible baseball market. And I don't think that 20K fans on Monday night is a completely terrible thing. I'll regurgitate here what I wrote at Primer about it:


    You've got cheap owners.

    Rancorous DC politics.

    Salivating media, assuring us that traffic was going to grind to a halt as if DC were overcome by a Buffalo snowstorm.

    and cheap owners.

    Add it up, and it's not unreasonable.

    DC is a fickle market. There's a limited pool of natives, most of whom were at the game. The rest are the transients from all over the country. Why should they give up their teams, the ones they grew up with, for this crapbag team?

    When the team wins, they'll draw. Just as they did in mid-2005. When they stink on ice -- as they have SINCE mid-2005 -- nobody cares. I don't think that's a bad market. I think that (in some ways) is a smart market.

    I'm GLAD the team isn't being rewarded for dropping payroll below a level that MLB ran it at while moving into a new stadium. I'm GLAD that the team isn't being rewarded for calling Odalis Perez and Paul Lo Duca its big FA acquisitions. And I'm glad they're not being rewarded for trying to pass of their motley collection of future 4th starters as a burgeoning rotation, the next Smoltz and Glavine.

    Stan Kasten has repeatedly said that "we'll get the attendance we deserve." He's right. They don't deserve crap with their pisspoor efforts on and off the field. /fanboy_rant

  • That might be negative, in some ways (and yes, there's the CHEEEEP! cheapshot, but deal), but in other ways it's something positive. The market can and will succeed once there's something worth getting excited about. Anyone who remembers June 2005 and the blitzkrieg that overcame the A's (among others) can attest to that.

  • To the anonymous commenter from ages ago: HERE'S YOUR ANSWER!!!!111!!!!!!


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