Friday, April 04, 2008

Gameday: Nats At Cardinals

Bob Carpenter is in heaven, as he returns to see his beloved St. Louis Cardinals play his employer's team.

Odalis "Not Oliver" Perez faces off against Braden Looper, the goofiest looking pitcher since Kirk Reuter.

Looper was moved to the rotation last year after the previous 9 seasons as a reliever. He wasn't great, but he gave the Cards some innings. His weakness throughout his career (as any Met fan can attest) has been his inability to get left-handed hitters out. (career: .299 .361 .463 -- Think Ryan Zimmerman). This bodes well for Nick Johnson, and perhaps Felipe Lopez, who looked especially terrible with the bat yesterday.

He's got a wide assortment of mediocre pitches. But he's mainly a sinker/slider type pitcher. Look for the changeup against the lefties, and the occasional splitter.

Watching? Listening? Come join other fellow obsessives over here, as we complain about Bob Carpenter, MASN's graphics, and why we're not getting any feckin hits off that crapbag pitcher!!!!!