Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More FLop

Here's another story on FLop's "Hell No!" comments.

A few quotes cherrypicked:
"I really don't care about spring training," Belliard said. "I've seen a lot of guys get hot in spring training and start the year slow. Sometimes, I told the guys: 'I don't want to hit no more. I don't want to get no more hits. I want to save them for the season.' "...

Acta has praised López's attitude this spring...

"It's really tough," he said. "You got Guzie and Belly, their numbers are there. I don't have the average, but I'm hitting the ball and having good at-bats. So whatever happens, I would like to stay here. But I'm not going to be happy on the bench. Hell, no."

Given that stance, López was asked if he would rather have a trade.

"I'm not saying that," he said. "I'm just saying I don't know what's going to happen."

Boone is hitting just .189 but has impressed officials with his bat speed and defense [Performance matters only if you're not related to the front office, apparently]...

In declaring his strong preference to start, López did not appear angry....

"I'm just having fun, man -- for real," López said. "I don't even think about competition or whatever. I'm having a lot of fun. The guys are playing hard. I like these guys here. I like what the Nationals got going on."

And this from Svrulga on his blog: "Lopez is right about his stats -- his at-bats are a bit better than his average shows."


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