Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Manny's Secret

The DC Optimist has uncovered the secret to Manny Acta's positivity: Bad Sitcoms.

  • Didja hear Manny Acta bitching about Ryan Zimmerman's bunt?

    I love ya, Manny, but the heat's clearly gotten to you. Sure, sacrificing constantly is a poor strategy, and teams (see: Nationals, 2005) that can't score try to 'make things happen' that end up hurting their offense even more, but Zimmerman is a great bunter, and that's something that's been missing from his game this year. It certainly helps to keep the defense honest, giving him a little more room. He has to pick his spots, which he did last night.

    The bright side is that I'm pleased that a manager is making judgments on the decision, not the outcome. Too often in baseball, second guessers make their criticisms based on the results, and not on whether the strategy was wise in the first place. Sometimes a successful stolen base is a bad percentage play. And sometimes a smart pitching change that gives up runs was the right move. Manny understands that. Yay for Manny!


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