Friday, June 22, 2007

Your Incorrect Factoid of the Day

Did you know: On May 18, the Nationals began a stretch off 34 consecutive games against American League teams. The Nationals were 15-16 against those teams entering Friday's action.

Other than the games against the Reds, Cardinals, Dodgers, Padres and Pirates, that's deadly accurate.

  • Slightly more accurate from the same notes column, the Nats outrighted Larry Broadway, Mike Hinckley and Frank Diaz, removing them from the 40-man roster.

  • Slightly more important from the same notes column, Shawn Hill is reporting more elbow problems. Not good. Jason Bergmann starts on Monday.

  • The A's traded Milton Bradley to the Royals for a reliever with a career 6.99 ERA. Gee, thanks Jim. Guess he didn't get the memo.


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