Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Weep For Ray King

There was a game tonight?

Netflix Report: No movie tonight. Just a trip to Huntley Meadows and Target. The prior is prettier and cheaper, though the latter smells better.

Sad news for Ray King:
Starting with the current homestand, the team got rid of junk food such as M&Ms, Milky Way bars, Twinkies and Skittles. In are fruits, walnuts, carrots and a salad bar. Fried chicken has also been banned from the premises. Instead, they will have rotisserie chicken.

According to general manager Jim Bowden, the idea came from catcher Brian Schneider and right-hander John Patterson, who felt it was time for the team to eat healthier. Bowden, trainer Lee Kuntz and clubhouse manager Mike Wallace agreed with the plan and implemented it on Tuesday.

"It's important how we eat and take care of our body. You don't want to walk into a clubhouse and have junk food," Schneider said. "You want to give the guys choices and options. If they want to eat healthy, we have given them that choice. They took a lot of stuff out."

Poor Ray King. Buck sez his performance suffers.

Meanwhile, Brian Schneider's a food nazi? Choice, sure, so long as you like gray!

I'd make a Lerner Is Teh Cheeepp!1!1 joke, but I think the players chip in for the clubhouse spread.

Still, no skittles? What the hell kind of work operation are they trying to run there!!!! It's a little known rule, but if you check Title 8 U.S.C. (sections 1345(a), I think), Skittles are a constitutional right of the workforce. So Lerner might not be cheeeeep!!!! but he tramples on our civil rights. Have you no decency, sir?


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