Monday, July 31, 2006


Just passin' them along....

MLB Radio said that the Nats turned down an offer from the Angels that would've netted the Nats Ervin Santanta, Erick Aybar and Dallas McPherson. I suspect that that's going to be the core of an offer the Nats will accept by the end of the day. Santana's not an ace, but he's a decent 2/3 who's cheap as hell for the next five years. If the Angels dump McPherson out and put in a low level pitcher or two, I can see that working.

The Tigers traded for sack-o-crap Sean Casey, so they're likely out. It seems like it's down to the Angels and the Twins, although I haven't heard anything too serious about the Twins -- of course they're running an awfully tight ship.

More as it comes in....

I, unfortunately, have a meeting which should be 1 hour, but typically runs three. If you're looking for the latest, check out GameDay where a bunch of idiots who think they're smart are discussing options. That'll be one of the first places to copy and paste someone else's report.

4:07 and still no word. The last word I heard was Minnesota. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for things to trickle in, but with something this large, it's likely to leak out pretty quickly.


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