Wednesday, July 26, 2006

If You Wondered Why I Hate Bowden....

Take a look at this crap. The man's a ham. He sees a TV camera or a reporter with a recorder and his chubby little cheeks engorge with blood like a teenager first discovering late-night Cinemax. He's an exhibitionist. The man loves attention. He loves promoting himself, making others aware of how wonderful he is, and how wonderful his job is (and how wonderful he is at his job!)

Are these the kinds of statements of a truly professional executive? Or are these the statements of a megalomaniac? Sure, the reporters love him. He fills their notebooks and column-inches with tripe. The stories write themselves.

But don't you feel embarrassed reading these things?

  • The fire department is in my office right now hosing down my phone because all it does is burn

  • "We've talked trade with 27 teams today," Bowden said.

    But have you talked to any of them more than once?

    "Yeah, I would hope so," he said, incredulous.

    Well, there are 29 other teams in baseball. What about the other two? How'd you miss them?

    "We've got several hours left in the day. We're talking to more teams per hour," he grinned, creating a new statistic.

  • I'm averaging 1 1/2 hours of sleep a night. I keep getting calls, text messages. I put that [BlackBerry] on 'vibrate' but I still hear it and jump out of bed. It's [Boston GM Theo Epstein or Yankees GM Brian Cashman]. They're crazy.


    On and on it goes. Shut him the hell up.

    It certainly seems like he's more enamored with being the center of attention than anything. While that's probably a bit unfair, I wish he'd be a pro, instead of a hackilicious PT Bowden huckster.

    He's an executive, not a used car salesman. But you wouldn't know it from that. And that's why it's hard to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    If you act like this, no one's going to take you seriously, even if you do good.


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