Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fouled-Off Bunts: Garbage In, Garbage Out Edition

Jim Bowden's transactin' finger must be quivering in anticipation. But he got an appetizer over the weekend.

For the second year in a row, he's traded Mike Stanton. This time, he got the Giants to cough up a reasonably promising young arm, Shairon Matis (stats). Federal Baseball has the rundown.

For what it's worth, the two prospects we got for Mikey last year have had mixed results. Yadir Peralta has decent peripheral stats (strikeouts, walks, homers), but his ERA is high. Rhys Taylor just hasn't pitched much.

Still, getting three players for a stiff like him is something. Did the guy even have three good games?

  • NFA has the goods on the other two moves. First, the Nats sent Michael O'Connor down to New Orleans. The Nats have two off days coming up, and don't need a fifth starter. Plus, well, there's this matter of him stinking lately. Why's he stinking? Lack of command of his pitches you say? Yeah, that's a big reason. But it could also be the elbow problem that he just admitted to. Gulp.

    Who knows how long it's been affecting him, but that could explain a lot. He's going for an MRI, and we'll see how serious it is.

    The concurrent move is the callup of Ryan Wagner, the third piece of the Kearns/FLop trade. Wagner, who was the last first-round pick that Bowden made while with the Reds has had a scary few years. When the team traded for him, they attributed it to bad mechanics. He got lit up in his first appearance with New Orleans, but has worked 8 scorless innings since. Did they get it worked out? We'll find out!

    Check out that link, too, for a discussion of what his callup could mean in terms of contract status and Wagner's arbitration eligibility. There's a chance that this could bump his contract up because it might make him a Super-2. (If this paragraph makes your eyes glaze over, don't click!)

  • Banks of the Anacostia reads Will Carroll so that we don't have to. Apparently the Nationals are finally starting to negotiate with Soriano's agent. Too little, too late? Keep your eye on his site tomorrow. He's been hammering the trade story harder than I could ever care to! (He also looks at some revised Angels rumors)

  • Didja know that RFK has a bar now? Me neither! Curly W has the essential info!


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