Friday, July 08, 2005

Good News / Bad News

  • Good News: Carlos Baerga is a joyous little fellow, isn't he? He's make a good mascot like this guy.

    Bad News: The little scamp batted clean-up today, and his 0-5 was one of the reasons the team lost.

    Good News: He wins a Lame Duck!

    Bad News: He left the bases loaded after the Mets intentionally walked Jose Vidro to get to him, the farkin' clean-up batter!

  • Good News: Marlon Byrd finally demonstrated that he can get a sac bunt down, putting the winning run in scoring position in the ninth.

    Bad News: If he hadn't hit into an inning-ending double play with runners at the corners in the second inning, there wouldn't have been a bottom of the ninth.

  • Good News: Tony Armas, TA2, pitched seven innings, giving up just four hits and two runs.

    Bad News: He pitched about as horribly as one could while still putting up those numbers.

    He's got nothing. Absolutely nothing on his pitches.

    He's the pitching version of Rob Deer. With him you get one of three true outcomes: A Hard Hit Ball, A Foul Ball, A Ball.

    His stuff isn't good enough to fool batters, and they're able to foul off his 'tougher' stuff time after time after time. With just a rough count, he was able to get six swinging strikes (one of those coming on a hit and run). Compare that to the 24 foul balls he gave up, which doesn't include the 3 foul pop-ups he induced.

    And that's been the story of Armas all year. He's walking that razor's edge. As soon as he loses a little bit off his pitches, they get ripped. Luckily, they went right to the outfielders yesterday. Otherwise it would've been ugly. There was little pitching skill yesterday, just some dumb luck.

  • Good News: Luis Ayala pitched an effective 10th inning.

    Bad News: He came out for the 11th.

    Beltran hit a bloop double down the left field line, getting to second on pure hustle. An IBB to Floyd brought Piazza up, who also blooped a hit, this one to right. Jose Guillen charged, fired to the plate, just a second late.

    Good News: They executed the 9-2-6-2 double play perfectly.

    Bad News: They had to execute the 9-2-6-2 double play because the go-ahead run had already scored.

  • Good News: Jose Guillen pinch hit as the winning run in the bottom of the ninth, staving off a nasty bought of bronchitis.

    Bad News: He developed the bronchitis from screaming at his teammates for not backing him up, resulting in his benching for the start of the game.

    Good News: In his absence, Matt Cepicky cranked out a double and earned a walk.

    Bad News: Matt Cepicky had to play, period.

    This loss, to me, is squarely on the shoulders of Jose Guillen. Frank was right in benching Guillen for his inexcusable me-fist behavior in the other night's game.

    You can make the argument that his deserved absence tonight was the main factor in the loss. You can argue that his Hulk-Angry performance where he was swinging for the fences the night before against Glavine cost them that game. And it's easy to claim that his testosterone-fueled throw in the 9th inning of the Pedro game ALMOST gave the game away there too. That's three he's had a hand in now, because of his attitude.

  • Good News: Jose Vidro looks like he has his swing back.

    Bad News: He hasn't really been tested defensively yet. He will tonight with Ryan Drese on the mound.

  • Good News: Despite the series loss, the Nationals are still in first place.

    Bad News: Atlanta won't die!