Saturday, April 09, 2005

A Beautiful Day!

I like it when I wake up early and get outside and get stuff done!

-- My opening night tickets came today! I've got my 20-game plan tickets already, so I'm all set!

-- Wil Cordero, official wife-beating lefty-masher of Capitol Punishment, is out for three months or so after tearing the meniscus in his knee. Karma, baby. Karma.

The bad news is that that means more playing time for Carlos Baerga's bloated corpse.

-- In other injury news, Alex Escobar, who with the departure of Endy Chavez is superfluous (As long as JJ Davis doesn't keep hitting into DPs), is having screws removed from his foot, which should keep him out for three months too. Joy. The good news is that we won't risk losing him to waivers for a few months!

-- Are you ready for National Guard Field at RFK? Me neither. I'm sorry to hear that the DC Statehood people were only about $950,000 short. Better luck next time.


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