Thursday, April 07, 2005

Buzzard Update And Some Post Chats

--The Buzzard, Mike Hinckley gets a look in the Patriot-News as Harrisburg is set to open their season today.

Hinckley, our top pitching prospect, is being held out til the end of the month for precautionary arm-related reasons.

--The Washington Post is have two chats at noon of mild Nats-related interest-- Mark Fisher, who wrote about the crappy food at the stadium today and Thomas Heath and David Nakamura on the business side of the Nats. Complain about your tickets, the cable, and anything else to them.

I've already submitted questions complaining about the inability to bring things into the stadium. Not that it'll matter, but at least we can raise the profile of DC's crappy policy.

--Oh, and it's an afternoon game today! One PM on AM 1050. (You should be able to pick it up on your radio)

Esteban Loaiza (Don't make me hate you any more) against Randy Wolf, who Distinguished Senators appropriately pointed out sounds like a pornstar.


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