Friday, April 08, 2005

The Lame Duck

Although he got competition late from Antonio Osuna and his Tim Worrell-esque performance, tonight's Lame Duck Award goes to a man who made four outs with two swings, crushing the spirit of two rallies:

What's Happening, Indeed, JJ Davis!

Brutal game. They barely made Dontrelle work. Yes, he's a solid pitcher, but no one showed any patience. It's not just that the team's not walking -- they're not even waiting for good pitches to hit, other than Wilkerson and Johnson.

Cristian Guzman played another game of pepper with the infielders (and hit into a DP in the first.)

Tomo Ohka hung a few pitches, but pitched alright. Nothing special though. He threw a TON of pitches (100 in just 6 innings) because his stuff isn't good enough to consistently get by hitters. And when he makes a mistake, his pitches get punished.

And finally, congrats to Tony Blanco for his first Major League hit.