Friday, March 11, 2005

Bowden's Almost Off The Tournament Bubble

Movement is afoot to give Jim "Day Trader" Bowden the GM job through at least the full season. Apparently, he doesn't even have a signed contract--he's working on an oral agreement that pays him in the neighborhood of $300K for the year.

I'm sure he's been pushing for the security of a signed agreement for the whole year, especially because, well... would you trust this man with just an oral agreement? (Am I the only one who winces when you see see the word oral near Bud's name?)

MLB has been reluctant to give him the full-time job, presumabely because they want the new owners to be able to clean house, if they see fit. With a signed contract, the team would have to keep him around for the entire year, or pay him to suck on Cold Pizza.

He's taken a lot of grief from me and my fellow Nats-bloggers. Some deservedly so, some just because he's an easy target. But, giving him the full year is probably the right thing to do, instead of leaving him twisting in the wind. If someone new ala Gerry Hunsicker were to come in, there's a learning curve that they'd have to overcome --familiarity with the organization's structure, knowledge of the team's players, etc -- that Bowden has already muddled through.

Long-term, I'm not convinced that he's the solution. But, for the short term, you go to war with the Army you have.


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