Friday, March 04, 2005

Nationals Broadcasting Corporation

Never fear, you Fred Manfra fans! The dulcet sounds of his voice will be beamed to your ears on SportsTalk 980 for another season.
Terms of the pact were not disclosed, but industry sources said it closely resembles prior ones in which the parties simply split advertising revenues after production costs were paid to Clear Channel. Financially, the deal has not been a windfall for the Orioles, netting at best a low six-figure sum per year, but it does broaden their exposure in the Washington area.

And the DC Examiner's Jim Williams says that as long as Peter C. Montgomery Angelos keeps stalling, no TV deal can get done. He's afraid that this may extend into the regular season. He's urging fans to call the Orioles. (Eh, like Angelos gives a crap what the peons think.)

He also discusses how the teams would likely split the market. They could either carve out their regions piece-by-piece, or they could completely share the market, which is preferred by Angelos, and which probably makes the most sense. Give it a quick skim. It's good stuff from someone inside the TV business.

Also, check out his interview with Jon Miller, the man Angelos ran out of town, and this intriguing possibility:
JM: First, I have a couple more years on my Giants deal and they have been kind to me. But I love the D.C. area and I would not mind being back there doing the games.


  • I think, down the road at least, it makes more sense to do anything that encourages an interleague baseball rivalry between the two teams. I know many Nats fans at various boards right now pretend the O's don't exist except as a media deal pain in the ass (which Angelos certainly, certainly is), but in the long-run, it's to the Nats advantage I think for both franchises to be healthy, viable, and hate each other. I suspect that a pooled mega-region arrangement wll be the most beneficial to both teams in the long-run, though in the short-term it is of course slanted heavily to the O's interests.

    By Blogger Basil, at 3/04/2005 2:51 PM  

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