Thursday, January 13, 2005

No News Is Good News?

No news on the Loaiza front. Maybe the buddhist prayers I said were a factor.

In today's blast from the past article, Bowden has rekindled his love affair with Barry Larkin.

Now, Larkin seems to be on the fence (again) about playing next year. Apparently, when he first turned down the Nats, he had expectations of a starter's job somewhere. With that not likely, he's deciding whether he wants to play or not. That seems more like a face-saving move than anything. I'm sure he'll soon decide that his love of the game will allow him to settle for a part-time role. Blah blah blah.

There's also a reference to Wil Cordero as a team leader. It's been a few weeks. We were about due. I wish there was a longer statute of limitations on wife-beating before one could become a leader. Hell, one 20-years-past drunk driving offense almost cost Bush the Presidency four years ago. Shouldn't the stigma of wife-beating result in something more than a little praise from the Post?

(Distinguished Senators has Dayn Perry. I've got Wil Cordero!)


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