Wednesday, December 29, 2004

It's Official!

Mayor Tony Williams signed the stadium financing bill. Barring something catastrophic, we've got our team! (Hmmm.... maybe I should go buy some insurance now, just in case)

"It's a great day in our city," Williams said. "This baseball park is good for the city. Maybe I could have done a few things differently, but I never regretted what I did. It's not good just for the psychology of the city, but it's good for the city economically. I really, really believe that."

Now, we just have to see how Marion Berry can gum up the works with needless delays. As I've said before, he and any others are going to need to be held accountable for any unnecessary construction delays and resulting cost overruns because of their politcal posturing. The stadium funding bill is done and over. No matter the merits of their argument, their side lost the debate and it's time to move on. Any increase in costs, because of their delays, will be borne by the residents of DC who they claim they're trying to protect. They must be held accountable for that.


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