Thursday, December 16, 2004

More News Than The Human Body Was Conditioned To Withstand

--Michael Wilbon slaps the C-Word around a little bit.
But if this becomes a matter of calling baseball's bluff, I don't think the folks who want the game here are going to like the results. For the longest time baseball wanted no part of D.C., then relented, then got kneecapped. It's akin to finally agreeing to a date with somebody who has stalked you for five years, then being stood up.

--Tom Boswell rips the C-Word a good one, and notes that if the deal falls through, sources have told him, that they won't play here at all next year.

--Marc Fisher asks Bud Selig to come back to the table and to make concessions, claiming baseball really needs Washington more than they realize.

--Murray Chass looks at the team from the outside perspective. Good for DC, he thinks.

--The C-Word caught everyone off guard, especially because her demands were met:
Cropp acknowledged that the list of concessions Williams presented to her Monday night met every one of those demands. But she said she wanted more, and that she gave Williams "language, amendments I had written" to take back to baseball officials. She described those amendments yesterday in vague terms, saying she wanted more "shared costs."

--The C-Word is already hearing from the public:
"For the most part, I believe I am representing the wishes of the people of the District. I'm getting a very positive response from my actual constituency, and that's extremely good."...The most unkind group, she says, has been the sports media, which have heaped scorn on Cropp from the moment she began to raise doubts about the stadium. She won't name names, but describes sports reporters as "vicious."

"It's as if they said, 'My job depends on getting more sports into this city. If anything upsets that goal, I'll trash whoever is standing in the way.' "

--A Quick QNA session on what's next for the team and the process.

--A look at the other major contenders and their ability to take the team and quickly!

--A Look at other teams and other stadium agreements in other cities and how the DC deal compares. Inclues a special bonus Andrew Zimablist sighting!

I'll weed through them again tomorrow morning and see if I missed any particularly juicy nuggets.


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