Thursday, December 23, 2004

Are They Ready For Some Football?

The Nats won’t be the only team playing in RFK. Despite playing in relative obscurity--which is a shame because they’re DC’s only good team--the DC United soccer club will be sharing the stadium. They’ve revealed how they’re going to make it work: rolled-up sod.

Large clay-backed turf will be rolled on and off the field as needed. They had considered trays of grass. I can remember they tried that in the Meadowlands for the Giants and the Metrostars and it failed miserably. The grass just couldn’t hold up in the trays--it kept ripping up.

They claim it will take two days to switch TO soccer and three to switch back to baseball.

With the lengthy road trips baseball teams take, it shouldn’t be too difficult squeezing in the thirty or so games they play.


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