Tuesday, December 28, 2004

But What Size Leather Pants?

The Post profiled our Rockstar-Wannabe GM, Jim Bowden. He has a pretty mixed reputation among agents and players. The two words most used to describe him: creative and aggressive. That seems about right.

At first, this scared me:
During the day, Bowden scrambles to make deals for the Washington Nationals, for whom he is serving as the interim general manager, sitting restlessly in an office in Viera, Fla., ideas shooting through his brain one after another after another. But late at night, he rehearses breaking news broadcasts for television shows that will never air, analyzing deals -- real and fictitious -- that he may or may not make. He pays attention to tone, to facial expression, to the inflection in his voice.

But then I thought whether this was any different than someone practicing hitting a home run, or making radio calls in the shower? Probably not for someone who loves being a GM.

I’ve been willing to defend Bowden in some cases, but there have been some moves that have left me scratching my head. I still think we need to wait until spring to fairly assess all his moves, but with the way the market has been so crazy, some of his moves might not be as bad comparatively.


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