Thursday, December 23, 2004

Stadium Blah Blah Blah

--Eric Fisher talks about the monumental tasks ahead: everything from renovating RFK in the 112 remaining days to negotiations for the land the stadium will eventually be built on. It’s worth a quick read just to see the number of hurdles that need to be jumped. I’m just glad I’m not in that race.

--Cropp is getting slapped by the anti-stadium activists. They feel that she caved. (Now they know he we felt!)
"She took a courageous stand, but in the end she caved in," said Malik Z. Shabazz, national attorney for the New Black Panther Party, a militant black power group that has a strong presence in Southeast and was at the forefront of the stadium opposition. Mr. Shabazz and other ballpark opponents said the final deal supported by Mrs. Cropp was basically the same as the original deal struck by D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams, a Democrat.

"Despite all the maneuverings and the politics, it appears pretty clear we are right where we were in the beginning," Mr. Shabazz said. "[Mrs. Cropp] could have and should have stuck to her guns. But in the end she was under tremendous political pressure."

--Thom Loverro mentions the two tasks MLB must take up next: Angelos and new owners.
The lucrative proposal under consideration for Angelos reportedly consists of a guaranteed resale value for the Orioles in the neighborhood of $360 million, a guaranteed level of annual revenue, and most of a regional sports television network….
The payoff to Angelos will be precedent-setting, and it will be far too expensive to repeat again.

He also mentions that there have been over twenty bids to buy the team.


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