Monday, November 08, 2004

Trader Jim On The Move

JimmyBo is in Key Biscayne, attending the GM meetings--his first official meetings as GM of the Nationals.

Trader Jim is probably heartbroken however:
The GM meetings generally do not result in many trades. Much of the time is spent working on other issues for committees to review — discussing rules of the game, international player development, umpires and on-field operations.

"It has been rare to have deals made during the GM meetings, but my history has been I have made several deals over the years at the GM meetings," Bowden said.

In 10½ years as the Reds' general manager, Bowden made more than 100 trades. He acquired such players as David Wells, Danny Graves, Sean Casey, David Wells, Denny Neagle, Dmitri Young and Ken Griffey Jr.

Jimmy also tells us that we're in need of pitching, shortstop, leadoff hitters, and a middle-of-the-order hitter. What about batboys? Did he forget them too?

The article also brings up Tony Batista, indicating that contract talks are ongoing. The article also claims that Batista was a fan favorite in Montreal. To which I say, What fans? I also don't remember flocking up to Baltimore too often or too much conversation about Batista when he was in the Orioles uniform. Jesus, he's a scrub who hits for power. (See also: Kingman, Dave)