Thursday, December 23, 2010

Matt Chico Rocks!

It was heartbreak city the other day when it looked like what historians will come to dub the Matt Chico Era came to an end. Heartless bastard Mike Rizzo ripped the heart out of the franchise, cutting the one true ace the team's had, and who's taken the ball day-in, day-out for at least one season. Matt Chico was and is critical to this franchise's success. So to see him cut... well... let's just say, it's a good thing my massive weight snapped the attic beam before my neck.

But then he is risen! Matty's back... on a NRI, and sure to re-ascend to his throne as ace of the Washington Nationals, as he was way back in 2007, or whatever the hell year that was... it's all been a blur. Details are for simpletons and people with too much spare time.

That being said... some TRUE MATT CHICO FACTS:

* He has as many Major League home runs as recent Hall electees Doug Harvey, Barney Dreyfuss, and Whitey Herzog... COMBINED.

* In his sterling 2007 campaign, he averaged a robust 5.1 innings per game, a true workhorse. How much? That's higher than MANY notable Hall-of-Fame pitchers, including no-doubters like: Goose Gossage, Bruce Sutter, and Rollie Fingers

* He has a lower career ERA than inner-circle Hall-of-Famers Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken.

* He has fewer career walks than all but one Hall-of-Famer... and that guy, Candy Cummings, is a fraud who doesn't deserve to be in the stinking Hall.

* Nolan Ryan, who got in with something like 145% of the vote, had several seasons with ERAs higher than Matt Chico's. [ed: two is technically several, is it not?]

* There are several Hall-of-Fame pitchers who have fewer starts IN THEIR CAREERS than Matt Chico did in his workhorse, unbelievable 2007 campaign alone.

* Matt Chico's bat was way overlooked, a true RBI man who was never really given a chance. Don't believe me? He has more RBI than Hall-of-Fame players COMBINED! (Tommy LaSorda, Wally Alston, Dick Gossage)

* When people talk about the best players from before the color line was broken, Satchel Paige's name comes up early. Known for his durability, Matt Chico actually bests him. He threw more innings in 2007 than Paige did in ANY of his major-league seasons.


For your consideration... Matt Chico: One of the All-Time Greats.

Welcome back, Matty!


  • Looks like someone found the key to the liquor cabinet.

    By Blogger Nate, at 12/23/2010 6:17 AM  

  • This blog post makes me long for the erudite baseball writing of Chico Harlan. Go crawl back under your rock.

    But have a nice Christmas!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/23/2010 8:03 AM  

  • Never forget.

    By Blogger Ironic Goat, at 12/23/2010 10:31 AM  

  • Chico is Spanish for... chico!

    By Blogger Harper, at 12/23/2010 1:46 PM  

  • About time someone recognized that standout season.

    Matty: Big Seven!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/23/2010 2:30 PM  

  • With seven major league career victories, our man Chico is only two back of that All-Time Nats Foamer favorite Shaun "Dr. Andrews Will See You Now" Hill.

    By Anonymous Sunshine_Bobby_Carpenter_Is_Too_Pessimistic_for_Me, at 12/24/2010 12:02 AM  

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