Sunday, June 13, 2010

Let the People Sing

I have comment moderation on for posts that are older than two weeks, since I have a hard enough time fending off Chinese handbag spam as it is.  So in the spirit of openness, I'd like to highlight yet another comment I belatedly approved to an old Rob Dibble post.

Take it away, Meathead!

Man your blogs really suck.
Well, technically, I only have one. Well, two, but one's hidden. I hope you're not looking at that one!

Dibble is the best at his craft but he isn't the worst.
I believe that is a tautology.

As for you evaluation of the Nationals, you SUCK at that too.
Sic! Yeah, pretty much. Can't say I nail 'em all.

How about waiting til the All-Star break to say they're just as bad as they were last season.
But what if we're better than we were last season at the All Star Break?

Better yet just stop tying.
Then I'd trip on my shoelaces. As an aside... why don't they make velcro dress shoes? Man, that's what I need.

That would be an improvement for all of us.
What? The velcro shoes? Yeah, I agree!


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